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We invest in tech-enabled companies, and place them on the path to sustainable success

Combining capital with hands-on experience in engineering, design, strategy and finance, Dovetail enables ambitious businesses to be the best they can be in the digital landscape.

Our approach

Enabled by Technology

We look for companies that want to enhance and optimise their products and services by making use of new technologies and tools. Driven by people, enabled by technology: that’s what we aim for.

Untapped Potential

We look at your business from multiple angles, joining all dots to find unexpected opportunities. Whether you need a new digital product, or a new company strategy: we fulfil your potential.

Best of Both Worlds

In our approach, we merge the exciting promises of technological innovation with the white-collar parts of building a business. You’ll get the agility of a startup and the toolbox of an enterprise.

Who we are

Dovetail is a new investment company that partners with technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck, merging world-class tech and design skills with international investment experience.

We come together across disciplines and experiences to create the strongest of all fastenings: Dovetail. Our core team connects over an unconditional love for digital products and services, and a shared ambition to build companies that last.

Work with us
The team, Johan, Erik, Tobias and Codruta

The team

  • Eirik V. Dahle

    Managing Partner

    Eirik has broad financial experience. He has worked in Pareto Securities as a partner on both equity and credit research in addition to corporate finance, in Oslo and New York. Eirik holds a Master’s in Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH.

  • Johan Bakken


    Johan co-founded Bakken & Bæck, named one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2020 by Fast Company. He has also co-founded Grasp, Wake, and Alva and invested in multiple companies that range from giant international unicorns to small do-good startups.

  • Tobias Bæck


    Tobias co-founded Bakken & Bæck. He also co-founded Wake and invested in companies like Coinbase, Kron, Mesh, Alva, Homerun, and Age Labs. He also has working experience from a range of companies including Flickr, Yahoo! and Plan.

  • Codruța Gamulea Berg

    Investment Manager

    Codruța is a partner at Bakken & Bæck. She has 15 years operational experience with digital transformation, and building and scaling software products and services from roles in Accenture, FAST Search and Amedia. Codruța holds a Master’s in Business Strategy from BI Norwegian Business School.

What we do

Apart from investing capital, we partner up with you to build new products, expand to international markets, improve overall operations, integrate brand values, recruit new talent, leverage emerging technologies—and everything in between.

We leverage data and design to optimise and reduce the use of energy, time, capital and other resources that could be used elsewhere in a more efficient and sustainable, manner.

Our toolbox includes:

  • Finance & analysis
  • Design & engineering
  • Business model & strategy
  • Brand & communication
  • Market insights & research
  • Organisation & recruiting
  • Sales & marketing

We love to enhance, accelerate and transform companies that aim to have a positive impact on people, our planet, or both.

Sounds right? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look for product and service businesses across Northern-Europe.

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